Johanna Öst

Using Images

For public use, such as on a web site, feel free to share my art as long as you:

For commercial use, or if you're not sure, please get in touch.

I reserve the right to allow or disallow usage on a case-by-case basis.


Feel free to tattoo one of my pictures. Send a photo if you wouldn't mind!

The tattoo artist may not keep the design and offer it to others as this would be commercial use.

Commissions (Custom Orders)

Buying a work, even one that you commissioned, does not transfer the copyright or any commercial usage rights to you unless you explicitly purchase them.

If you want to use a commission commercially, such as on a book or album cover, you need to purchase those rights.

This also means that I retain the right to reproduce commissioned art, e.g. as prints, unless otherwise agreed.